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The University of Southampton
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Gravity seminars 2020-2021

Seminars take place online Thursdays 12:00-13:00, unless otherwise noted.

8 October 2020: Stefan Hollands (Leipzig)

Indeterminism Inside Black Holes

15 October 2020: Aleksi Vuorinen (Helsinki)

Quark matter cores in massive neutron stars

22 October 2020: Christian Ecker (Frankfurt)

Compact stars made of holographic QCD matter

29 October 2020: Owe Philipsen (Frankfurt)

Lattice QCD at finite baryon density

5 November 2020: Geoffrey Compère (Brussels)

Signatures of High Spin in Gravitational Waveforms & Flux-balance laws

12 November 2020: Vishnu Jejjala (Johannesburg)

Machine learning as a discovery tool in hep-th

19 November 2020: Eduardo Fraga (Rio de Janeiro)

QCD meets Compact Stars

26 November 2020: Alejandro Torres-Orjuela (Peking University)

Excitation of gravitational wave modes by motion: detecting the peculiar velocity of galaxies using extreme mass ratio inspirals

3 December 2020: Jérôme Margueron (Lyon)

Impact of recent neutron star observations on the dense matter equation of state

10 December 2020: no seminar

Christmas Break

7 January 2021: no seminar

Exam Period

28 January 2021: Justin L. Ripley (DAMTP)

The classical evolution of binary black hole systems in scalar-tensor theories

4 February 2021: Abraham Harte (Dublin)

Extended-body effects in general relativity: What is possible?

11 February 2021: Tomas Andrade (Barcelona)

Violations of weak cosmic censorship in black hole collisions

18 February 2021: Romain Ruzziconi (Vienna) 

Charge Algebra in Al(A)dS spacetimes, BMS symmetries and flat limit

25 February 2021: Daniela Doneva (Tübingen)

Scalarization of compact objects

4 March 2021: Lorenzo Rossi (Queen Mary)

Cauchy Evolution of Asymptotically Global AdS Spacetimes with No Symmetries

11 March 2021: Michael Katz (AEI) [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 15:00]

Rapid generation of fully relativistic extreme-mass-ratio-inspiral waveform templates for LISA data analysis

18 March 2021: Atsushi Nishizawa (Tokyo)

KAGRA scientific contribution to the global detector network of gravitational waves

Easter Break

15 April 2021: Harvey Reall (DAMTP, Cambridge)

Well-posed formulation of scalar-tensor effective field theory

22 April 2021: Bruno Giacomazzo (Milano)

General Relativistic MagnetoHydroDynamic Simulations of Neutron Star Binaries

29 April 2021: Chris Kouvaris (Athens)

Gravitational Waves from Primordial Black Holes of an Early Matter Era

6 May 2021: Ziri Younsi (UCL)

Studying the M87 Supermassive Black Hole with the Event Horizon Telescope

13 May 2021: Jorge Santos (Cambridge) [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 13:00]

AdS Euclidean wormholes

Exam Period


Soichiro Isoyama

Ian Jones

Oscar Dias

Nils Andersson


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