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STAG Research CentreSeminars

Southampton String Theory seminars: 2015-2016

Seminars take place in Semester 1 on Wednesdays 13:00-14:00 in Building 54, Room 10031 (10C) and in Semester 2 in Room 10037 (10B), unless otherwise noted.

29 September 2015: Ramy Brustein (Ben Gurion, Israel) [DAY/TIME/LOCATION CHANGE: Tue 2pm in 54/8031(8C)]

Quantum state of the black hole

7 October 2015: Mike Blake (Cambridge)

Momentum Relaxation from the Fluid/Gravity Correspondence

14 October 2015: Francesco Aprile (Southampton)

Geometry and Entanglement in Type IIB Holography

21 October 2015: Gianluca Inverso (Nikhef, Netherlands)

Electric-magnetic deformations and gauged supergravities

28 October 2015: Christopher Eling (Oxford)

Turbulence and Random Geometry

3 November 2015: Francesco Sannino (CP3, Denmark) [DAY/TIME/LOCATION CHANGE: Tue 2pm in 54/8031(8C)]

Rethinking Fundamental Interactions: From Asymptotic freedom to Asymptotic Safety in QFT

11 November 2015: Tomas Andrade (Oxford)

Holographic momentum relaxation in the large D limit

18 November 2015: Hadi Godazgar (Cambridge)

Quantum corrections to Hawking radiation

25 November 2015: Christopher Rosen (Imperial)

Monopole Operators, RG Flows, and Fermi Surfaces in ABJM Theory

2 December 2015: Pablo Bueno (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Universal entanglement of singular surfaces

9 December 2015: Francesco Benini (Imperial)

Black hole microstates in AdS from gauge theory

Christmas Break

6 January 2016: No seminar

Exam Period

12 January 2016: Georgios Papathanasiou (SLAC, USA) [DAY/TIME/LOCATION CHANGE: Tue 2pm in 54/8031(8C)]

The symmetry and integrability of amplitudes in N=4 super Yang-Mills theory

27 January 2016: Saso Grozdanov (Leiden, Netherlands)

From holographic transport at finite coupling to bounds on conductivities at strong disorder

3 February 2016: Hendrik Ulbricht (Southampton)

Prospects to use levitated optomechanics to test quantum mechanics and gravity

10 February 2016: Alejandra Castro (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Higher spin black holes

17 February 2016: Paul Heslop (Durham)

Correlation functions of half BPS operators in N=4 SYM

24 February 2016: Jorge Casalderrey Solana (Oxford)

Holographic Three-Jet Events in Strongly Coupled N=4 Yang-Mills Plasma

2 March 2016: Timothy Hollowood (Swansea)

Quantum mechanics, born again

9 March 2016: Jorge Rocha (Barcelona, Spain)

Dynamics of confined double-shells systems, critical behavior and chaos

16 March 2016: Philip Szepietowski (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Computing black hole one-loop determinants from quasi-normal modes

21 March 2016: Andrei Parnachev (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) [DAY/TIME/LOCATION CHANGE: Mon 3pm in 54/5025(5B)]

Constraints from unitarity in conformal field theories

Easter Break

20 April 2016: Zachary Kenton (Queen Mary)

Soft limits in multi-field inflation

27 April 2016: Matthew Buican (Queen Mary)

Conformal manifolds in four dimensions and chiral algebras

4 May 2016: Jay Armas (ULB, Belgium)

Effective theories for bubbles, branes and black holes

11 May 2016: Markus Kunesch (Cambridge)

Black hole instabilities and weak cosmic censorship in higher dimensions

17 May 2016: Jorge Russo (Barcelona, Spain) [DAY/TIME/LOCATION CHANGE: Tue 945am in 44/2103]

D-branes in background fluxes and Nielsen-Olesen instabilities

18 May 2016: Aalok Mishra (Indian Institute of Technology, India) [LOCATION CHANGE: 6/1081 (L/R B)]

Holographic Thermal QCD at Finite Gauge Coupling ('MQGP' Limit) and G-structures

15 June 2016: Chrysostomos Kalousios (ICTP-SAIFR, Brazil) [LOCATION CHANGE: 46/2005 (L/T C)]

Towards expressing amplitudes in a compact form

22 June 2016: Aron Wall (Princeton, USA) [LOCATION CHANGE: 46/2003 (L/T B)]

Negative energy and the focussing of light rays



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