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STAG Research CentreSeminars

Southampton String Theory seminars 2019-2020

Seminars take place on Wednesdays 13:00 in Building 54, room 8031, unless otherwise noted. Each seminar starts with a student session 13:00-13:15.

24 September 2019: Antonin Portelli (Edinburgh) [NOTE UNUSUAL DAY AND ROOM: TUESDAY 13:00, Room 54/7033]

Investigation of holographic cosmological models using lattice simulations

2 October 2019: Edoardo Lauria (Durham)

3d Abelian Gauge theories at the Boundary

9 October 2019: Masanori Hanada (Southampton)

Black Hole from Colors

15 October 2019: Perseas Christodoulidis (Groningen) [NOTE UNUSUAL DAY, TIME AND ROOM: TUESDAY 12:00, Room 13/3021]

(Slowly varying) Attractors and Bifurcations in multi-field inflation

16 October 2019: Tarek Anous (Amsterdam)

A geometric interpretation of the irrelevant JT deformation 

23 October 2019: Martin Wolf (Surrey)

L_\infty-Algebras, Field Theory, and Scattering Amplitudes

30 October 2019: Congkao Wen (QMUL)

Flat-space amplitudes, holographic correlators, and supersymmetric localization

6 November 2019: Ben Withers (Southampton)

Turbulent black holes 

13 November 2019: Nathan Seiberg (IAS) [STAG Public Lecture 2019 - 14:30 Turner Sims]

The Frontiers of Fundamental Physics

19 November 2019: Bidisha Chakrabarty (ICTS-TIFR Bangalore) [NOTE UNUSUAL DAY, TIME, AND ROOM: Tuesday 12:00, Room 13/3021]

Nonlinear Langevin dynamics via holography

20 November 2019: Monica Guica (Saclay)

T-Tbar and the mirage of a bulk cutoff 

27 November 2019: David Schaich (Liverpool)

Maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills on the lattice

3 December 2019: Fabrizio del Monte (Sissa) [NOTE UNUSUAL DAY, TIME, AND ROOM: Tuesday 12:00, Room 13/3021]

Class S theories and isomonodromic deformations on the torus

4 December 2019: Lorenzo Bianchi (QMUL)

Symmetries and surfaces

10 December 2019: Josh Kirklin (Cambridge) [NOTE UNUSUAL DAY, TIME, AND ROOM: Tuesday 12:00, Room 13/3021]

Holographic Uhlmann Holonomy and the Entanglement Wedge Symplectic Form

11 December 2019: Enrico Pajer (Cambridge)

From Symmetries to Cosmological Observables

Christmas Break

8 January 2020: No seminar

Exam Period

29 January 2020: Nicolas Kovensky (Southampton)

Kähler moduli stabilization from ten dimensions

5 February 2020: José Manuel Penín (Southampton)

Backreacted D3-D5 geometries and its properties

12 February 2020: Shira Chapman (Amsterdam)

On the Complexity of Black Holes

19 February 2020: Masazumi Honda (Cambridge)

Evidence for a Non-Supersymmetric 5d CFT from Deformations of 5d SU(2) SYM

26 February 2020: Mike Blake (Bristol) [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME AND ROOM: 15:30, Room 54/7033]

Hydrodynamics and Chaos in Quantum Matter

4 March 2020: Radu Tatar (Liverpool)

de Sitter in the String Landscape 

11 March 2020: Bogdan Stefanski (City, London) CANCELED

Integrability in AdS3/CFT2 and beyond

18 March 2020: Manuela Kulaxizi (Trinity College Dublin) CANCELED


25 March 2020: Alex Belin (CERN) [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 14:00] CANCELED

New holographic CFTs: finding the needle in the haystack

Easter Break

22 April 2020: Marika Taylor (Southampton) [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 14:00] [Online seminar]

The holographic dictionary

29 April 2020: Alex Belin (CERN) [Online seminar]

New holographic CFTs: finding the needle in the haystack

6 May 2020: Davide Bufalini (Southampton) [Online seminar]

The Wess-Zumino-Witten model. A geometric introduction 

13 May 2020: Alessandro Torrielli (Surrey) [Online seminar]

Massless scattering in lower-dimensional AdS/CFT

20 May 2020: Juan Pedraza (UCL) [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 14:00] [Online seminar]

Local quenches, bulk entanglement entropy and a unitary Page curve 

27 May 2020: Manuela Kulaxizi (Trinity College Dublin) [Online seminar]

The stress tensor sector of CFT correlation functions and black holes 


Ines Aniceto

Nicolas Kovensky

David Turton

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