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The University of Southampton
STAG Research CentreSeminars

String Theory seminars 2021-2022

Seminars take place online via zoom on Wednesdays 13:00, unless otherwise noted. Each seminar starts with a student session 13:00-13:20.

06 October 2021: Yolanda Lozano (Oviedo University)

New advancements in AdS_3/CFT_2 and AdS_2/CFT_1

13 October 2021: Ömer Gürdogan (Southampton)

Coactions of Feynman periods from integrability

19 October 2021: Avia Raviv-Moshe (Stony Brook) [NOTE UNUSUAL DAY AND TIME: TUESDAY 15:00]

Renormalization Group Flows on Line Defects

27 October 2021: Horatiu Nastase (Sao Paulo) [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 15:00]

A 4d duality web

02 November 2021: Yifan Wang (NYU) [NOTE UNUSUAL DAY AND TIME: TUESDAY 12:30]

Fusion Category Symmetries in Quantum Field Theory

10 November 2021: Suvrat Raju (ICST Bengaluru)

Holography of Information and Massive Islands

17 November 2021: Eric Perlmutter (Saclay) [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 15:00]

On 2D CFT Spectra

24 November 2021: Giacomo Sberveglieri (Trieste)

Resurgence and 1/N Expansion in Integrable Field Theories

01 December 2021: Elli Pomoni (DESY Hamburg)

Dynamical spin chains in 4D N = 2 SCFTs

07 December 2021: Debodirna Ghosh (Chennai) [NOTE UNUSUAL DAY AND TIME: TUESDAY 12:30]

Supertranslations at timelike infinity

08 December 2021: Anton Pribytoks (Dublin)

Automorphic symmetries, Free fermions and AdS integrable deformations

14 December 2021: Lampros Lamprou (British Columbia) [NOTE UNUSUAL DAY AND LOCATION: TUESDAY, Hybrid in room 54/5025]

Falling inside holographic black holes

Winter Break

12 January 2022:

26 January 2022: Costas Bachas (ENS Paris)


02 February 2022: Lorenz Eberhardt (IAS)


09 February 2022: Sean Hartnoll (DAMTP)


16 February 2022: Andrea Legramandi (Swansea)


23 February 2022: Joao Penedones (Lausanne)


02 March 2022: 

09 March 2022: Jordan Cotler (Harvard)


16 March 2022:

23 March 2022: Charlotte Kristjansen (Copenhagen)


Easter Break

27 April 2022: Samir Mathur (Ohio)


04 May 2022: 

11 May 2022:

18 May 2022:

Exam Period


Bidisha Chakrabarty

David Turton

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