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The University of Southampton
StOP UTI: Strategies in older people’s care settings to prevent infection

Review approach

The study will use realist review methodology to develop an explanatory understanding of what it is about an intervention or approach that supports or inhibits its successful implementation in preventing and recognising UTI among older people living in care homes.

This theory-driven approach to the review and synthesis of evidence will draw on literature from health and social care, including primary research relating to UTI prevention in older people in care homes and improvement project reports in grey literature.

Stakeholders, including users of care home services, their care partners and families, providers of services, service commissioners and other relevant organisations, will be involved throughout the process to inform the development of our initial refined programme theory and establish its practical relevance and potential.

The synthesis will examine the relationship between interventions and the context in which they are applied, thereby providing explanations abou the causal mechanisms and what outcmes they produce.

Our review will be conducted in 4 interative stages over 18 months with the follwing outcomes:

1. Formulation of initial programme theory.

2. Comprehensive evidence base representing the different bodies of literature linked to initial theory.

3. Refined and tested programme theory supported by the relevant evidence.

4. Programme theory and repor of the review including relevant and actionable recommendations together with accessible resources to support their implementation.

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