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The University of Southampton
Structural Biology Part of Biological Sciences

Who we are

Four key academics make up the structural biology team at the University of Southampton along with two technical experts supporting and maintaining the NMR, macromolecular crystallisation and biomolecular core facilities.

Joern Werner and Phil Williamson focus on solution and solid state NMR respectively. Joern's key interests lie in the dynamics of protein interactions. Phil focusses on the effects of biomolecules on membranes and vice versa using an array of methodologies including NMR and circular dichroism.

Ivo Tews and Declan Doyle are crystallographers tackling protein structure in solution or in the hydrophobic environment of membranes respectively.

All members' research is underpinned by additional methods such as mass spectrometry, ITC and CD, part of the biomolecular core facility. The facilities are run by Neville Wright and Chris Holes .

Join in

The structural biology team play an active role in the Molecular and Cellular Biosciences group at the Centre for Biological Sciences. The group holds a journal club every Wednesday at 1pm showcasing project developments or the latest breakthroughs in biomolecular science. Contact Malcolm East if you're interested in joining.

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