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The University of Southampton
Structural Biology Part of Biological Sciences
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Dr Joern Werner Masters, PhD

Reader in Structural Biology, Principal Investigator (Protein-ligand interactions)

Dr Joern Werner's photo

Dr Joern Werner is a Reader in Structural Biology within Biological Sciences at the University of Southampton.

Career history

Business Fellow. London Technology Network, London, UK.
Reader in Structural Biology. University of Southampton, UK.
College Lecturer for Biophysical Chemistry. Wadham College, Oxford, UK.
Research Assistant in Structural Biology. University of Oxford, UK.

Academic qualifications

PhD in Biochemistry. University of Oxford, UK.
MSc. Max-Planck-Institute for Biology. Tübingen, Germany.
BSc Physics. University of Tübingen, Germany, Brown University, RI, USA.

Research interests

Structural changes of proteins are important for the control of cellular processes and failure to function correctly can lead to disease. We are studying the nature of protein-ligand interactions that have well-characterised biological functions with atomic resolution. The role of protein dynamics in molecular recognition processes is a particular focus of my work.

Research Groups

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

Research group

Molecular and Cellular Biosciences

Affiliate research groups

Computational and Systems Biology , Institute for Complex Systems Simulation (ICSS)

Research project(s)

Understanding the role of serum amyloid-P component in the stabilization of amyloid deposits

Using a combination of liquid and solid-state NMR spectroscopy we aim to understand how serum amyloid-P component recognises amyloid fibrils and the role this plays in their stabilization.

Establishing the developmental function of the pectic component rhamnogalacturonan II (RGII)

Identifying the functions of rhamnogalacturonan II during root development using an inducible RNAi-based gene knockdown approach in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Investigating the role of membranes on protein aggregation and neurotoxicity of the huntingtin protein.

Microbial interactions in multi-species drinking water biofilm community

Using the model organism Pseudomonas aeruginosa to investigate mechanisms by which drinking water biofilms harbour important pathogenic microorganism and how these interactions within multi-species biofilms can enhance genetic adaptation and evolution of microbial pathogens.

Professional Affiliations

Business Fellow for London Technology Network on behalf of the School of Biological Sciences to facilitate academic industrial contacts and liaise with Industry.

Dr Joern Werner
Centre for Biological Sciences Life Science Building 85 Room 4055 University of Southampton Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number : 85/4055

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