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The University of Southampton
Structural Biology Part of Biological Sciences

Facilities within Biological Sciences

Impressive facilities within Biological Sciences supporting structural biology include the £1.5m nuclear magnetic resonance laboratory (above), state of the art protein crystallisation pipelines and X-ray diffraction equipment located at the Southampton Diffraction Centre.

The key facilities include the Macromolecular Crystallisation Facility , the Interdisciplinary Centre for NMR and the Biomolecular Core Facility . See what's available within Biological Sciences and speak to Ivo Tews , Joern Werner or Neville Wright respectively to gain an idea of how you can make use of them and what could be achieved in your own research.

National Facilities

Structural biology research at Southampton is boosted with access to these national facilities:

The National Crystallography Service is located here at Southampton
Our students have access to the national biomolecular NMR facility at Birmingham
The Medical Research Council hosts the Biomedical NMR Centre in London
The Diamond Light Source provides our students with state of the art X-ray diffraction capabilities
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