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Qualifications Reform

In late 2014 the University convened a Working Group to examine the implications for admissions of the various reforms taking place to GCSE, AS and A levels, and associated level two and level three qualifications in the UK. This Group, drawing its membership from all of the University’s faculties and hearing evidence from local school and college representatives, submitted its report to Recruitment and Admissions Subcommittee in March 2015. The Subcommittee accepted the Group’s recommendations which the University has since published. You can view this report below under 'Useful Downloads'.

We hope that this report will be helpful to staff within schools and colleges involved in planning their curriculum during this period of change. We also anticipate that the report will provide a level of reassurance to individuals considering making applications to study at Southampton and who will be taking the reformed qualifications, or a mixture of reformed and unreformed qualifications.

In July 2016, the University reviewed its approach to Scottish Advanced Highers and Highers in response to the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) and qualifications reform of the Senior Phase (S4 to S6). The University’s statement outlines its selection criteria for students from Scotland who have followed the CfE and taken the new SQA qualifications. You can view this statement below under 'Useful Downloads'.

UCAS has published a range of useful guides and videos explaining the changes in qualifications across the UK and these can be accessed via the link given below.


Subsequent to the publication of the University's statement, below, it has since confirmed the following:



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