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The University of Southampton
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Application to take Exams Off Campus

Please complete the application below and click submit once all sections have been answered. Mandatory fields must be completed in order to submit this form.

We will contact you if there are any problems with your application. If you have not heard from us in 7 working days, your application has most likely been approved. Please note you will not receive an email from us for a while if you application is approved.

    Section A: Your details
    Section B: Exam details
    Section C: Venue details

    Please provide the details requested below:-

    Section D: Terms of agreement

    Supplementary and Repeat Year

    Important - Please Read - Off Campus Fees, Exam Fees and British Council Fees

    I understand that due to exceptional circumstances I am being permitted to sit my exams on a different time/day to the officially scheduled time. In recognition that the Faculty has used its discretionary powers to allow me to sit the examination under special conditions, I accept that I have been placed in a position of trust and confidentiality.

    I therefore undertake not to have any contact of any kind with any student when I am sitting exams either between the beginning and end of the examination period in Semester 1, Semester 2 or Supplementary Exams.

    I understand I can take exams off campus at a British Council/Institution or University of Southampton Malaysia (UOSM). For USA/Canada please email I understand there is a charge of £415 for taking my exams off campus at a British Council/Institution. This fee is payable directly to the University of Southampton. I understand the off campus fee for UOSM is 250RM per exam for a non UOSM student or 100RM per exam for a UOSM campus student. This fee is payable directly to UOSM. Please email UOSM at for information on how to pay. I understand these fees are still payable even if I am absent for my exam(s).

    I understand there is a fee of £20 per exam (up to a maximum of £100) and this is payable to the University of Southampton. This fee also applies to students who are sitting exams at UOSM.

    I understand I am also responsible for making payment directly to the British Council for fees incurred (e.g. Invigilation and courier), before my exam(s).

    Please visit the Online Store to make payment and type repeat year in the search bar.

    Supplementary exams only

    I confirm I have checked that my faculty allows exams to be taken off campus. I confirm that if I needed permission, I have already asked the Exams office to liaise with my faculty and I have received confirmation by email that it has been agreed. I understand if my faculty does not allow exams to be sat off campus, my application will be rejected.

    Visiting or Erasmus

    I can confirm I have contacted the Exams office to check with the faculty that I am allowed to sit off campus. I understand if I am returning to my Home University or my Semester abroad University for my exams that there will be no fees involved unless I am resitting the examination(s).

    If I have requested to sit elsewhere and had permission from the Exams office, I am aware of the off campus charges involved.


    You must agree to the terms in order for your application to be considered.

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