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Repeating the year


Students who have not met the pass criteria in their assessment are often given the opportunity to retake the year. This is broken down into two categories:

Repeat Year Attending – Repeating the year and attending lectures therefore paying tuition fees. All modules will be re-sat/deferred even if some were passed first time.

Repeat Year Not Attending – Repeating the year externally therefore not attending lectures and do not pay tuition fees. IT and other services are still available. Only failed modules will be re-sat/deferred.


Re-sit – Re-sitting the required assessment module(s) in the year you are repeating.

Deferral – A Deferred assessment is the sitting of an assessment at a time other than the original scheduled time/date. Due to some special considerations, you may be sitting the assessment under mitigated circumstances; this is when your faculty have agreed you are re-sitting your assessment as if for the first time.

Sitting off campus

The University of Southampton campuses are Highfield, Avenue, Boldrewood, Winchester School of Art, Southampton General Hospital, National Oceanography Centre and Malaysia.

You may only take in-person assessment(s) off campus if your faculty gives you permission to do so - this is NOT automatic as taking assessment(s) off campus delays marking. Some Faculties do not allow their students to sit 'of campus'. Please refer to the information below before completing your 'Off campus application form';

Please find the Off Campus Application Form here, you will need to download and complete the form using Adobe Acrobat on a PC. All applications must be completed and submitted by no later than Sunday 14 November 2021.

Faculties/Schools who allow students to sit 'off campus'

Faculties/Schools who do not allow students to sit 'off campus' - Please do NOT complete an application

Venues to be used for hosting Off Campus assessments

University of Southampton Malaysia (UOSM)
A British Council
for USA/Canada please email

Please note, there is a deadline to apply and fees involved, read the whole webpage for this information. Take the following steps if you wish to sit off campus:

Step 1) Contact the venue you are intending to sit at, provide them with the date ranges of the assessment period and ask them if it is possible for them to host the assessment for you. If they say yes, find out who will be arranging these assessment(s) (a representative) and ask for their contact details, you will need; their name, telephone number and email. Note this has to be a specific person, so we can liaise with them, it cannot be generic details from their website.

Step 2) Once you have gained the above required details, you can fill in the ‘Taking your Exams Off Campus Application form’. For Semester 1 assessments please complete and submit the form by Sunday 14 November 2021.


Repeat Year Attending student: You are not required to pay assessment fees because you are paying tuition fees.

Repeat Year Not Attending: There are different types of fees, please see below:-

On campus:

Re-sit – £20 per in-person assessment up to the maximum payment of £100 (even if you are sitting 5 or more exams) across Semester 1 and 2. Not payable if absent for your assessment(s).

Deferral – No payment required. 

Off Campus:

Re-sit – £20 per in-person assessment up to the maximum of 5 (max payment £100) across Semester 1 and 2. This is not payable if you are absent for your assessment(s).

Deferral – No assessment fee required, however the off campus fee still applies.

Off Campus Administration fees

University of Southampton (UOS) - £415 at a British Council/other institution payable to University of Southampton (UOS). This is a one off payment for Semester 1 and Semester 2. This is still payable if you are absent for your examination(s).

British Council fees - if you are sitting at a British Council/other institution, additional fees may be involved. Please contact your representative at the venue directly for this information. This is not payable to UOS.

University of Southampton Malaysia (UOSM) -100RM per in-person assessment if you are a UOSM student or 250RM per exam if you are a non UOSM student. This fee is still payable if you are absent for your assessment(s) and it is payable directly to UOSM. Please email for further information.

Please note if you sit your assessment at UOSM you are also required to pay the re-sit fee of £20 per in-person assessment (up to the maximum of £100). This fee is payable directly to the University of Southampton.

Please note if you miss the deadline to pay you will receive an invoice

How to pay:

The £20 and £415 fee can be paid via the Online Store: please type ‘Referral’ in the search facility. For Semester 1 exams only please pay by Monday 31 January 2022.

For Semester 1 and Semester 2 assessment(s) you will be able pay anytime from Monday 4 October 2021 to Monday 20 June 2022.

If you are sitting assessment(s) off campus at UOSM please email for information on how to pay.

Assessment dates

Semester 1 assessment: Monday 17 January - Friday 28 January 2022 (possibly including Saturday 22 and 29 January).

Semester 2 assessment: Monday 23 May - Friday 10 June 2022 (excluding Public Holidays Thursday 2 June and Friday 3 June 2022 but possibly including Saturday 28 May 2022).

Supplementary Assessment: Tuesday 30 August - Friday 9 September 2022 (possibly including Saturday 3 September 2022).

Assessment Timetables will be published on the following dates;

Semester 1 Assessments:

The Generic timetable will be published no later than Friday 3 December 2021 click here (subject to change which we don't have control over)
Students' personal timetable available on SUSSED no later than Monday 20 December 2021.

Semester 2 Assessments: 

The Generic timetable will be published no later than (to be confirmed) click here (subject to change which we don't have control over)
Students' personal timetable available on SUSSED no later than (to be confirmed)

Supplementary Assessments:

The Generic timetable - this will be published no later than (to be confirmed) click here (subject to change which we don't have control over) 
Students personal timetable available on SUSSED - no later than (to be confirmed)

Contact details


Telephone: +44 (0) 2380 59 5922 



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