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The University of Southampton
Student and Academic Administration

Important Information

This page shows the important information to accompany any outcome letters received following the Board of Examiners meetings for your School.


We do understand that there is a large amount of terminology used by the University, which may be unfamiliar to you.  A full explanation of all terms are available in the University Calendar under Section IV: Regulations and Definitions Applying to Progression for all Credit-Bearing Programmes:


Full details on the Regulations relating to programme progression are available in the University Calendar:


Academic Appeals

Please note that in accordance with the General Regulations for Students, you may appeal against the decision of the Board of Examiners.  The rules for appeals and links to the Appeal form are available in the relevant section of the University Calendar on the University website:

If you feel you have grounds for an appeal, the SUSU Student Advice Centre offer free and confidential advice. For more information, please see their website: Please note that you will need to give notice of your intention to appeal within 10 working days from the publication of your results, by sending a completed Notice to Appeal Form to your Faculty’s Curriculum & Quality Assurance Team.

Academic/Pastoral Support

If you experience difficulties that are affecting your studies, we would strongly encourage you to make an appointment to meet with your Personal Academic Tutor or your Senior Tutor. Your Personal Academic Tutor’s role is to support your academic journey and your Senior Tutor is available to support you with pastoral issues. 


The Student Wellbeing Team are available to support your wellbeing 24/7, by phone, email and in-person. Students can access a Wellbeing Chat with a Wellbeing Advisor at any time – day or night - to discuss their wellbeing concerns and explore options for support. You can book a slot at a time that suits you, or walk into Building 37 to ask to see an Advisor. If you are having difficulty with the booking system, please email or call 02380 599 599 and we can help you to arrange a chat. .

Information for students with Student Visas

If you have a visa to study in the UK you MUST take advice from the University Visas & Immigration Student Advice Service and fully understand the impact this may have on your visa. You must contact the Visas & Immigration Student Advice Service.


Important Information - Referral Examinations

Your School will advise you of the arrangements for any Referral examinations.  All students are expected to return to Southampton to take the referral examinations. In exceptional circumstances, it might be possible to take referral examinations abroad. Please read the following information carefully if you wish to consider this option.  The application form is also available at the following location:

Please note that if you are required to sit an examination you will need to pay an examination fee. Please refer to the following online guidance for information about how to pay:


Important Information - Referral Coursework

If you are required to submit coursework, your School will advise you of the deadlines. Any work submitted after the deadline will be marked as late and the standard late penalties will apply.

Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of the assessment requirements.

Details of referral coursework will be available through at least one of the following channels – Blackboard, E-Assignment, Module Lead, or your Student Office. In the event no information is forthcoming, please contact your Student Office. 

For information regarding the submission method (i.e. electronic, recorded delivery, or in person via the appropriate Student Offices), you should contact the Module Lead. 


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