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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below frequently asked questions concerning Diploma Supplements and Transcripts.

What is a transcript?
It is a document that lists your assessed academic achievement so far. You can apply for a new one each year up until the end of your undergraduate studies. Each transcript will be a record of your modules completed. For instance, if you ask for a transcript in your second year, it will show your first and second year marks plus any foundation year modules.
It is NOT proof of award (i.e. it is not a degree certificate).

What does all the information on the transcript mean?
It is a record of the assessment marks and levels you have received in each module. An explanation of the different fields is on the reverse of the document, but in general:
Level refers to the level at which the credits for the programme (degree) are awarded
Mark shows the latest mark that has been entered in to your student record. For this reason, if you are given the opportunity to re-sit and get a different mark, you should request another transcript.
UK Credits reflects the amount of learning hours in the form of credits. You have to achieve a certain amount of credits to progress through your programme of study. It is generally accepted that one credit = 10 hours of learning.
ECTS is the credit system used in Europe; this enables marks to be recognised by institutions within the European Union.
Grade codes are shown next to your marks to differentiate between different assessment attempts:
OE = original entry. This mark records the original achievement in the first attempt at the module assessment.  This may also be shown as CA, CE, CC, CH, SG.
OM = original mark. This mark records the student's achievement when taking a referral as if for the first time, according to the regulations used in progression and in the classification of award.
RE = referral. This mark records the student's achievement in the referral sitting of a module when the original achievement was not a pass
CR = capped mark. This mark records the level at which the student's mark was capped following referral.
These codes are shown on the reverse of the document and can also be viewed in more detail in the Explanatory Notes document which should be downloaded to accompany the documentation.

What can it be used for?
The transcript can be used as a confirmation and record of your marks as you go through your programme. It is your property to keep, but can be given to employers or as a reference if you so wish.
Your final transcript (which will be a Diploma Supplement), which will be given to you at the end of your studies with your certificate, is likely to be requested by future employers or if you decide to go on to a higher degree.

How do I get my transcript?
Order it on the on line store and search for 'transcript'. Note: we do not always hold a record of marks pre-2007; if we can't provide a transcript we will issue a confirmation of award letter.

I haven't received my transcript yet - what should I do?
If you have not yet completed your studies, you can order a transcript on the on line store on Please allow 15 working days for a response if you order online.
If you are in your final year: you will receive a European Diploma Supplement with your award certificate. This will be posted via standard post (not tracked) or via courier within 4 weeks of the award date. Please be aware delivery can take up to 20 working days from this time depending on the receiving countries postal service.

What should I do if the transcript is incorrect?
Please contact the team on giving your name, ID and programme and a return address and advise clearly what appears to be incorrect on your transcript. We will investigate the errors with your student office and issue a new transcript and will do our best to get a new copy out to you as soon as possible.

What should I do if I have just re-sat an exam and have different marks?
If you take a re-sit during the supplementary exam period (August/September) you can apply for a new transcript once the faculty has notified your of your new mark(s) by contacting This reissue will be free of charge.

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