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The University of Southampton
Student and Academic Administration

Community Information

The University is committed to being a good neighbour to members of the local community. We aim to ensure our impact on the local area is both enriching and beneficial.

The behaviour of the vast majority of our University students is exemplary. However, any student whose behaviour does not meet our expected standards may be dealt with through the University's Regulations Governing Student Discipline.

In its broadest sense we classify misconduct as an act or failure to act by a student which is unlawful or otherwise judged to be inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour; and that behaviour does or could negatively affect the University in any way, or any person or entity associated with the University.

Serious misconduct is misconduct which appears in the reasonable opinion of the University to be significant due to its impact on the University, the person or the property affected by the misconduct.

Each case will be treated with fairness and considered on its own merits on the evidence and circumstances presented. Student Responsibilities are also made clear in the Student Charter.

Reporting misconduct

Should you have any reason to believe that the behaviour of a student of the University of Southampton has failed to meet our expected standards you should follow our Community Complaints Procedure.

Criminal behaviour

Our internal processes cannot normally consider a criminal matter directly. However, the University will assist the police with any resulting investigations. In such cases the University will normally wait until the criminal justice process has concluded before considering whether to pursue any disciplinary action of its own. The internal process should not be seen as an alternative way of addressing criminal behaviour.

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