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Student Information

This page and the related documents provide background information and advice to all students who encounter the discipline process during their time at the University.

What is misconduct?

  • The University defines misconduct in its broadest sense as "an act or failure to act by a student which is unlawful or otherwise judged to be inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour; and that behaviour does or could negatively affect the University in any way, or any person or entity associated with the University."
  • The University defines serious misconduct as “misconduct which appears in the reasonable opinion of the University to be significant due to its impact on the University, the person or the property affected by the misconduct.”
  • A good standard of conduct is expected from all students and any student whose behaviour does not meet these standards may be dealt with through the University's Regulations Governing Student Non-academic Misconduct. All students should refer to these regulations.
  • Student responsibilities are made clear in the Student Charter.
  • Each case will be treated with fairness and considered on its own merits on the evidence and circumstances presented. 

How to report misconduct

If you are the recipient of, or witness to, misconduct it is vital that information is gathered quickly, fully and accurately, to ensure that the accused are dealt with fairly and appropriately. Please review our documentation on reporting inappropriate behaviour and an allegation form

If you are the subject of an allegation of Misconduct

If you are the subject of an accusation you will be treated fairly as an accusation is not proof of guilt. You may be invited to discuss the allegation and present your version of events along with any mitigating evidence. Please review our documentation on subject of an allegation.

If you are called as a witness of Misconduct

If you are identified as a witness by either the person(s) raising the allegation of misconduct or by the person(s) accused of misconduct you may be requested to give your version of events. Please review our documentation on being called as a witness.

Support during the discipline process

The Advice Centre can offer independent advice and support to students’ subject of a disciplinary allegation, considering submitting an allegation or called as a witness to a case.

The Mediation Service

There are many situations in which a student may find mediation useful and many issues and misunderstandings can often be quickly and confidentially resolved via mediation. For example if you feel bullied, harassed or intimidated or encounter dispute or interpersonal conflict. The Mediation Service can provide informal non-committal information. Please review the Mediation Service website for more details.

Contact Details

The central Discipline Team is responsible for student discipline and can be contacted on

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