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The University of Southampton
Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassador Code of Conduct

All of our roles require you to:

Code of Conduct

Complete a DBS (formally CRB) form and have received clearance at an enhanced level before you can begin working with us

(i)  Give as much notice as possible

(ii) Contact the event organiser direct by telephone or email and make sure you receive a response from them or the Ambassador Co-ordinator

Student Ambassador Code of Conduct:

Student Ambassadors must be aware at all times of the use of unacceptable language and comments ie racist, sexist or other discriminatory behaviour and refrain from using it.  Student Ambassadors must be aware of how their behaviour could be inappropriate.

Child Protection – You have a responsibility to ensure that children are treated with respect and are free from abuse. This means:

Equal Opportunities – All children must be treated appropriately with regard to gender, ethnic origin, religion or disability. This means:

  • Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate Christmas or birthdays
  • Hindu’s regard the cow as a sacred animal
  • Muslims regard the pig as an unclean animal

Health & Safety – You have a duty to safeguard your own health and safety; that of the children with whom you work and anyone else with whom you may come into contact during your working day. This means:

In addition and if you become involved with any of our e-mentoring schemes please note the following code related using websites for mentoring:

By using the website you agree to the terms and conditions of usage and this code of conduct.  Any breach could result in your access to the website being temporarily suspended or even withdrawn permanently.

Failure to comply with the code of conduct may result in disciplinary procedures being taken and/or the termination of your contract.

Disciplinary Procedures

Disciplinary Procedures specifically related to Student Ambassadors

All Student Ambassadors are expected to adhere to a certain standard of behaviour and failure to do so may result in disciplinary action being taken.  A brief summary of general behavioural expectations is listed below (it is not exhaustive, but is intended merely as a guide):

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