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The University of Southampton
Student Ambassadors

Interviewing and selection information

Interviews normally take place during June and January each academic year, although we sometimes hold interviews in October (depending on how much work we have). You will need to check your study programme timetable and ensure you can be available to attend.

Interviewing and selection information

Our time allowance for the interview stage is very restricted, and if there is a clash, you may need to seek your lecturer’s/tutor’s approval before you confirm you can attend.

The interviews will be conducted in the form of a ‘Group Interview’ taking approximately 30 minutes per group and up to 8 candidates per group.

Candidates, who are successful in being selected for an interview will be notified of their Interview date/time slot and location, by email in the week preceding the allocated time.

Selection Procedure

Once we have received your on-line application form, the selection for interview and the role(s) applied for will be based upon the following criteria:-


If you successfully complete the first stage group interview, you will be asked to attend a compulsory second stage training day.  This day is a chance for all the prospective Ambassadors to meet each other and allows our team to provide group training.  All successful applicants will be expected to attend the training day. We are unable to offer alternative dates for the compulsory second stage interview .

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