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ID Cards FAQs

How do I apply for my ID card?

You can apply for your ID card online. You will need to upload a photograph as part of this process, please read the guidelines to ensure your photograph is suitable.


Where will my ID card be posted to?

Your home address outside term time if it is a UK address and your term time address once term begins.

Can I change the address my ID card will sent to?

No. All orders are final once submitted as we print them very quickly. If you want the ID card posted to your term time address instead you need to wait until term starts and order again.

Can I have my ID card sent to an alternative address to the one on SUSSED?

No,for security reasons your ID card must be sent to the address we hold on the system for you. Outside term time this is your home address if in the UK. During term time it is your term time address

How long will my order take?

ID cards are being printed and posted everyday. As we have a large number of orders we cannot provide an exact time frame but rest assured we will process your order as soon as we can

I am an international student. Can I have my card posted overseas?

Unfortunately we cannot post your card overseas. Please wait until you arrive in the UK and have a UK term time address to place your order. If you have already ordered without a UK address this order will not be processed

The online system says I have an order in process,what does this mean?

It just means we haven't printed your card yet but rest assured that it will be processed as long as you have a UK address at the date of order.

I've ordered late.What if I don't have my ID card at the start of term?

You will be provided with a digital version for identification purposes that you can use until your physical card arrives.This will not allow door access unfortunately.

I have lost my ID card or it didn't arrive. What do I do?

Please wait 7 days from your previous order and order again.

I have lost my ID card, how do I apply for a replacement?

If you have lost your card or your ID card is faulty or damaged you can apply for your ID card online. You can collect the card within four working days from the Student Services Centre in building 37 on Highfield campus. Replacement cards cost £10.00.

My ID card will not let me access University services what should I do?

If you are unable to access the library or other services with your ID card your card may be damaged or be faulty. If you do not hear a beep when trying to use your card then it is likely that the chip is no longer working and you should order a new card online

If the card does beep when you try to use it but will not let you access certain buildings or services then the card may have expired. If you have not finished your course you can apply for a new card, however if you are no longer a student at the University you will need to apply for an Alumni Card to continue to access services.


I have a sports membership but I have lost my ID card, what should I do?

You will need to apply for a new card and pay £10.00 for a replacement; once you have collected your new card you will need to go to one of the Sports Centres where a member of staff will put your membership onto your new card.

I have access to the bike sheds but I have lost my ID card, what should I do?

You will need to apply for a new card and pay £10.00 for a replacement; once you have collected your new card you will need to go to the Unilink office above the Student's Union Shop (SUSU) and a member of staff will put your membership onto your new card.

I have left the university but still want to access the library and/or the gym, what should I do?

If you have left the University but still want to access University services you can apply for an Alumni Card. For more information about Alumni services and benefits please visit the Alumni Relations website.

I have changed my name, how do I get my ID card updated?

If your details change you should inform the University to ensure we have your correct information. You can update most details including your address, email address, telephone number and bank details on SUSSED by using Banner Self Service.

If your name has changed you will need to provide evidence of this to your Student Office in your Faculty or to Student Records who are based in building 37 on Highfield campus. Once your details have been updated you can apply for a new card free of charge.


What are the photo guidelines?

The photo you provide for your ID card must meet specific standards and approval is at the full discretion of the Student Services Centre. It is your responsibility to provide acceptable photographs. If you do not, your ID card may be delayed or rejected as invalid and you will incur a cost for a replacement.

Photo Guidelines

  • The photo should be a recent and true likeness of you
  • The photo must be in colour
  • The photo should clearly show your head and shoulders
  • The photo should have a plain background
  • Look straight in to the camera
  • Make sure your eyes are fully visible. Make sure your hair does not cover your eyes. If you wear glasses, make sure there are no reflections: in case of doubt the best idea is to take them off. Tinted glasses and sunglasses are not allowed
  • No head covering unless worn for religious or medical reasons
  • Do not use filters or photo editing software

If you are unsure please follow the passport photo guidelines.

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