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The University of Southampton
The Student HubID cards

Using your ID Card

Your ID Card is your identification on campus, and allows you to gain access to the University libraries and other university buildings and secure areas. 

My card does not beep on the card readers

The chip in your card may no longer be working. If your card does not beep on any of the card readers, please consider it faulty and order a replacement ID Card.

My card is stating 'access denied' when I try to enter rooms and buildings


Please visit the Student Services Centre where we will be able to test your card and advise what the problem is. Alternatively, please email us on

If this is a replacement card and you are not able to access rooms and buildings that you were previously able to access, please speak to your line manager or student office who will be able to request additional access for you.


I need additional access on my card

Access which is not standard for your course or post must be requested to be added to your card by your faculty student office or your line manager.

I can't use my card to print or photocopy

You will need to synchronise any new ID Card with the printer to be able to print or photocopy using your ID Card. To do so, please enter your user ID and password on the log in screen. Without pressing 'log in' touch your ID card on the card reader. Your card should now be synced to the printer.

I can't access sports facilities

To access the sports and wellbeing facilities, such as the Jubilee Sports Centre, you must have a sport and wellbeing membership. If you have a membership and your card still does not work, please visit the Jubilee Sports Centre where they will be able to add your membership to your ID Card. If you order a replacement ID card, you must take your new card to the Jubilee Sports Centre to have the membership re-added.

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