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Delay in Funding

The Delay in Funding application is now closed. If you are still experiencing delays in receiving your statutory funding from Student Finance (UK) and/or the NHS, and are experiencing financial hardship, you can apply to the Student Support Fund.


The Delay in Funding application is designed to help students who are experiencing a delay in receiving their statutory funding from Student Finance (UK) and/or NHS. The Financial Support team may be able provide you with some financial support until you receive your first payment. 

Please read through the information below and click on the 'Delay in Funding Application' button at the bottom of this webpage to apply. 

Who can apply?

Any undergraduate student who is eligible to receive and has submitted an application for the Student Finance Maintenance Loan and/or the NHS bursary

What are the criteria?

  • You must be fully enrolled at the university
  • You must have started your course and are attending university
  • You must have submitted an application to Student Finance/NHS bursary

What support is provided?

Any support is discretionary and will depend on what other funds you have access to, (if you have a credit balance on your bank accounts then this will be taken into consideration). If it is agreed to provide support, this will be based on what we consider to be an appropriate amount to assist with food and incidental costs. We will take into consideration when any payment from Student Finance/NHS is likely to be received.

Do I need to pay the money back?

No! if it is agreed to provide you support then this is in the form of a grant and will not need to be repaid. If, however at a later date you decide to submit a full application to the Student Support Fund, then any monies already received will be taken into consideration.

How is the support paid?

Any support awarded will be paid into your bank account. Please ensure that the university holds your correct details, which you can do via Student Records Self Service. We may also provide Tesco/Sainsbury's food vouchers or a combination of both.

I need to pay my rent

The Short-term support is not available to cover rent. If you are in university accommodation, please contact the Student Hub, to explain your situation. If you are in private rented accommodation, we would recommend that you talk to your landlord. If you need a letter from the University confirming your situation then please email,

How do I apply?

Please complete and submit the Delay in Funding application.

You will also need to submit a copy of your bank statement for any account that you have access to, including savings, ISAs and Crypto currency covering the last 30 days. These must be submitted as PDFs rather than screenshots, Jpegs or Pngs.

I don’t meet the criteria/need longer term support

The Financial Support team administer the Student Support Fund which provides support to those students who find themselves struggling financially. Information on the Fund can be found on our webpage.

I would like to speak to someone about my situation

You can email the Financial Support team at, alternatively we do offer online appointments, which can be booked via our online booking system.

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