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Student Experience-Roy Queree Bequest

Expedition to Bali
Expedition to Bali, dining area in the homestay

For one month this summer, I traded Western life for that of a Balinese mental health Practioner. On June 29 I left Gatwick and set off on a sixteen hour flight for Bali, Indonesia, where I spent the following four weeks undergoing training in psychological theories and techniques related to working with vulnerable, mentally and physically handicapped individuals within an extremely different cultural setting to the one I am used to in the UK. I then put this knowledge into practise when I was given the incredible opportunity to plan and run sessions on behalf SLV Global: the company who orchestrated the entire project. During these sessions I was able to work with mental health service users and members of the Balinese community to develop a better understanding of physical and mental wellbeing to promote a more positive approach to mental health.

Since returning to the UK, I have already enquired into working again with SLV or another company to become a Global ambassador and begun researching possible degree paths in clinical and cultural psychology.

I cannot stress the extent of the support provided and would encourage anyone hoping to embark on a similar project, or just in need of some guidance to utilise this service.

1st year BSc Psychology

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