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Completing the application

If you have not previously been assessed by the Student Support Fund, please ensure you either view our presentation or speak to an advisor depending on the type of funding you have available. Brief details on what information is required for each section of the application is listed below, but if you are still unsure what is required please call, 02380 599 599.

Statutory Funded students UK/EU undergraduate application

Welcome statement

Please read the welcome statement as this has information on the availability, criteria and application and assessment process for the Student Support Fund.

Section 1. Statutory Funding

If you are not enrolled at the university you will not be eligible to apply for support from the fund. If you are not in receipt of your full statutory entitlement we will not be able to complete a full assessment. If you are an EU student you will need to demonstrate you would have had sufficient funding to cover your day-to-day living costs.

Section 2. Student details

Please complete your contact details

Section 3. Study details

This information is required to calculate the length of the assessment and cost of travel to university.

Section 4. Consent to Share

Consent is required so that we can discuss your situation with the Advice Centre if it becomes necessary.

Section 5. Personal details

This information will affect how the assessment is completed and what figures are used as part of the calculation.

Section 6. Additional income and expenditure

This section is only relevant if you have a partner and/or dependants.

Section 7. Additional sources of income

You will need to provide details of any income you have in addition to your statutory funding, this could be savings, parental support, loans etc.

Section 8. Living costs

Please fill in all of the boxes relevant to your situation, especially your accommodation as this is usually the greatest expense. We will consider including any of the boxes listed so it is essential you provide us with details of any of these expenses to ensure an accurate assessment is completed

Section 9. Bank accounts

You must provide details and statements for all bank accounts that you have access to, even if you have put aside the funds for something else, this includes any non-sterling accounts that you have access to. Please do not convert to Word/Excel. Please ensure you provide details of any entries of £100 and over.

Section 10. Additional information

This is your opportunity to explain why you believe you need additional financial support. Please include details of any ongoing situation that is effecting your finances or any unexpected/unforeseen event that has impacted on you financially.

Section 11. Supporting documentation

Please tick all of the documentation you are providing. Failure to provide the required documentation will cause a delay in the assessment of your application. The Guidance notes in the application provide information on what is required in more detail and our supporting documentation booklet in Useful Downloads provides examples of the format and information the most common documentation should include. 

Section 12. Payment of an award

If an application is granted support this will usually be paid in monthly instalments, however this is at the discretion of the advisor.

Section 13. Guidance notes

These have been provided to ensure you are able to correctly complete the application and provide the relevant supporting documentation. Please ensure that you read these carefully.

Section 14. Advertising

This helps to ensure that we are targeting the fund as effectively as possible.

Section 15. Widening participation

The university is committed to sustaining and improving student success among under-represented and dis-advantaged groups. This helps us ensure effective targeting and delivery of the service.

Section 16. Declaration

Please read this section carefully and ensure you complete as required.

Self-funding students

As above excluding Widening participation except for;

Section 1. Appointment Questions

These are questions that will be gone through at the appointment to identify what funding you had available and what has occurred to impact on your situation.

Section 5. Sources of income

You will need to provide details of any income you have access to, this could be savings, parental support, loans, employment etc.

Photo of BN Nursing - 2nd year
Financial concerns became manageable, allowing me to focus on my academic work and personal well-being
BN Nursing - 2nd year

Useful Downloads

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