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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to apply?

Providing that you are enrolled at the university we are happy to discuss your situation and your eligibility to apply for the fund.

Will you support me with my tuition fees?

No, the fund is not intended to support tuition fees. If you are having difficulty paying your tuition fees please contact your faculty directly and/or the Fees department at +44(0) 2380 599 599

How do I apply for the Student Support Fund?

This is an online application process. We would recommend that you review the information on our webpages first. When you are ready to apply you will need to visit here


I am a postgraduate student can I apply to the Student Support Fund

Providing that you are enrolled at the university we are happy to discuss your situation and your eligibility to apply to the fund. As a postgraduate student it is expected that you had secured funding prior to enrolling at university to cover your day to day living costs and are only seeking support due to an unexpected/unforeseen event that has occurred whilst at university.

Am I guaranteed to get financial support?

No, all awards are discretionary

When can I apply?

You can apply for a full assessment from the 30 September 2019 until the 3 April 2020. After this date we cannot guarantee what funding will be available but are happy to discuss the most appropriate course of action. Please note, we would expect you, where applicable to have received your first instalment from Student Finance before requesting additional support.

What is the maximum I can receive?

The maximum that can be awarded in any one year is £3000, however this should be regarded as the exception rather than the norm. Any award granted will be pro-rated if the assessment period is less than 52 weeks.

What period does the assessment cover?

The majority of assessments cover a 52 week period. Final year students will receive a 39 week assessment. It is at the discretion of the advisor if a different assessment period is used.

Can I apply for the Student Support Fund if I am suspended?

We are happy to discuss your situation and your eligibility to apply for the fund, although if you are suspended for the entire academic year, it is unlikely that we would be able to provide support for the whole period.

How long do I have to complete my application?

We would request that you complete and submit your personal details form, budget details form and all supporting documentation within 10 working days of receiving the application pack. If we do not receive all of the documentation within this time frame then your application could be closed.

Can I re-apply during the academic year?

If there has been a significant change in your personal circumstances then a re-assessment can be considered but you will need to be able to provide additional supporting documentation.

Can I submit hardcopies?

For security purposes we would prefer that you submit electronic copies of your documentation, ideally through SafeSend. If you choose to password protect your documents then please email the passcode separately to . Failure to provide this information will cause a delay in your assessment.


Will you cover my placement costs?

No, these are regarded as an integral part of the course and in the majority of cases costs incurred are refunded through the NHS. If you are ineligible to receive travel costs in respect of your course then we will take this into consideration but cannot guarantee that support will be provided.

Why do you not include all of my expenses?

We only include expenses that we consider a requirement of being at university. We do not include expenditure related to what we would consider to be lifestyle choices.

Why do you use caps?

We have completed extensive research of costs in the surrounding area. We include caps as we believe these represent realistic amounts for a student to be spending.

I have savings but these are set aside for a special purpose, why have you included these?

If you have funds in your name that you have instant access to, then these will always be included in the assessment. We have limited funds available and these are to support those students who have exhausted all sources of funding and are still experiencing financial difficulty.

I have not been means tested by Student Finance can I still be assessed?

Part of the Student Support Fund criteria is that students must have accessed all statutory funding available. Whilst we will be unable to complete a full assessment we may be able to provide short term support whilst you go through the assessment process with Student Finance.

My student finance payments are going to be late and I have no money, can I get some help?

Please come to our drop in on Wednesday between. 9:30-11:30 at the Student Services Centre, Highfield campus so that we can discuss your situation and needs in more detail. Please bring a bank statement covering the last 28 days (an online statement will be fine). If you need assistance with your Student Finance application, please contact the Advice Centre at the Student's Union.

I am a self-funding student what is the MRP?

As a self-funding student there is an expectation that you will have made a robust financial plan to cover your time at university and will be seeking assistance from the fund due to an unforeseen/unexpected event. For the purposes of the fund we would expect you to have a Minimum Required Provision (MRP) available to cover your set everyday living costs of food, sundries and utilities (£86 per week for a single student) plus at least 75% of your accommodation costs, e.g. accommodation is £85 per week-we would expect you to have had available at least £150 per week.

When will I get the outcome?

Once we have received your application and all of the supporting documentation we aim to provide you with an outcome within 10 working days, however complex situations may take longer.

How is an outcome decided?

The outcome is initially based on a calculation between your weekly income and weekly expenditure, however we will always take personal circumstances into consideration. The outcome is agreed by at least two members of the team, but complex cases are presented at our weekly Moderation meeting and discussed by the full team.

My calculation shows I have a shortfall why doesn’t your assessment?

There may be various reasons why your calculation is different. We use capped and set figures and do not include all expenditure. We are able to provide a copy of our assessment if required and if necessary an appointment can be arranged with the advisor to discuss the assessment in more detail.

If I am granted an award when will I receive it?

We will usually pay in instalments. The first instalment should be paid within two weeks of you receiving the outcome email and then future instalments will be on or around the 1st of each month. University closure days and vacations can affect the payment date so good budgeting is important.

What do I do if I am unhappy with the outcome?

You can email to ask for a review, which we request that you do within 7 days of receiving the Outcome Report.The calculation will have already been confirmed by another member of the team, however if you believe that your circumstances have not been fully taken into consideration then you can provide a detailed breakdown of your situation, along with any additional supporting documentation. It may be necessary to arrange an appointment with the advisor so your application and assessment can be gone through in detail.

We would also recommend that you speak to the Advice Centre 023 8059 2085, who can provide independent advice and guidance.

I have an enquiry concerning the Student Support Fund who do I contact?

If you have a question concerning an application that you have submitted then you can speak to an advisor at our Drop-In on Wednesday 9:30-11:30 in the Student Services Centre, Highfield campus, alternatively you can email


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