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Applying to the Student Support Fund

Applying to the Student Support Fund

If you have submitted an application to Student Finance and/or the NHS but are experiencing a delay in receiving your statutory funding and are therefore only seeking support until your statutory funding is sorted out, you can apply for Short Term support.

If you are experiencing a crisis/emergency situation, please email; providing details on your situation and a member of the Financial Support team will contact you to identify the best way to proceed. Alternatively you can speak to an advisor in one of our online drop-ins, which you can book here

If you have found yourself in unexpected financial difficulty then we would encourage you to submit an application to the fund. Please ensure that you have read the, 'Who can apply' section along with, 'What happens in the assessment', and are aware of what is expected throughout the application process.

It is important that you provide as much information concerning your financial situation as possible along with any events/circumstances that may have had an impact. Whilst we will complete a standard assessment as the starting point, we will always take personal circumstances into consideration.

You will need to provide documentation in support of your application. We use the figures recorded on the documents you submit to make our calculations so it is important that anything you submit in support of your application is up to date and accurate as this will affect the outcome of your application.

The application and supporting documentation MUST be submitted at the same time, by email to,

Please include in the subject line: Your name, Student ID, SSF application

Please DO NOT submit any documentation by post as we are not able to access it.

Please DO NOT use OneDrive to share documentation as we are not able to access it.

We will only be able to start an assessment once we have the application AND supporting documentation.

If you have any questions concerning the application process or are having trouble obtaining some of the required supporting documentation then please email; prior to submitting an application, alternatively you can book an online drop-in here

Please be aware that any support is discretionary and cannot be guaranteed.

Downloading and saving the application

If you are using Internet Explorer you can save a copy of the Student Support Fund application as a pdf. When you open  the copy you should be able to fill in the relevant sections. You will then need to save the completed copy, which can then be emailed as an attachment with the necessary documentation to;

If you are using Chrome you can download the application. You will then need to fill in the relevant sections. There is no save function, but if you choose the print option with the Destination of Adobe PDF you will be able to save your completed copy, which can then be emailed as an attachment with the necessary documentation to;


If you do not have Adobe this can be downloaded from the link below.

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