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The Student Support Fund

The Student Support Fund

The Student Support Fund is a pot of money that has been provided by the University to improve student success and progression.


The Student Support Fund is now open for the 21/22 academic year. If you are facing unexpected financial difficulties, please complete the application form here.

Student Festival of Financial Wellbeing, 31 January-25 February  

The University of Southampton has partnered with Blackbullion to present the first ever Student Festival of Financial Wellbeing. Each week of the Festival focuses on a different theme to help promote financial wellness and the benefits of sustainable money management (and there are prizes!). Sign-up to live webinars, download digital guides and access free online learning resources that will help you wherever you are on your financial wellbeing journey. Get started today by registering at Blackbullion.

The Student Festival of Financial Wellbeing is presented by third-party provider Blackbullion. Webinars, e-books and related content are created and coordinated by Blackbullion for educational purposes only.  

Who can apply

Who can apply

Check your eligibility for the Student Support Fund.

the assessment process

What happens in the assessment

What we include, what documents you need to submit, amount of weeks the assessment covers, what you could receive, how payments are made and possible outcomes

Short term funding

Delay in Statutory Funding

If you have yet to receive your Student Finance loan/NHS bursary, you may find yourself short of funds. We may be able to provide you with a small amount of support to tide you over.  



The University has partnered with Blackbullion, a financial skill-building website for students, to provide digital tools and learning modules that improve money management.

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