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Possible Outcomes

Possible Outcomes

Once the advisor has completed the assessment this will provide an outcome.

The most common, although not the only outcomes are as follow; 

For each assessment that is completed the advisor will always look to see whether there are any particular circumstances relevant to you as an individual that may be impacting on your financial situation that the fund may be able to help with. This is called a non-standard/exceptional award. We would therefore recommend that you include as much information as possible in your personal statement to ensure we have a full picture of your financial situation.


How is the outcome agreed

Any assessment is agreed by at least two advisors.

For more complex cases or those that may set a precedent a a meeting of at least three advisors will be arranged to discuss the situation in detail and identify an appropriate outcome.

Once an outcome has been agreed (within 10 working days of receiving your completed application and all evidence) the advisor will email you a copy of the outcome report, which will provide details of the assessment, the outcome and any actions that we believe you need to undertake to improve your financial situation. 

If it is agreed to provide you with support, payments are usually made directly to your UK bank account. 

You can view/amend your bank account details here

Payments are made as near to the advised dates as possible, however this cannot be guaranteed. You will need to allow for bank holidays and university closure days, which can affect the payment of an award, so we recommend that you create a budget.

If you are unhappy with the outcome or do not believe it is reflective of your situation then please email, within 7 working days of receiving the outcome report, clearing stating why you do not agree with the outcome. If we receive no contact from you within this time period, then your ticket will be closed and any submitted documentation will be deleted.

More information on the Review and Appeal process can be found here

We would recommend that you contact the Advice Centre for support with any appeal.

Photo of BM5 Medicine - Final year
I absolutely could not carry on with university without some financial support. I am very grateful for the money awarded to me
BM5 Medicine - Final year
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