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Halls contract

When accepting your offer of accommodation you accepted the terms of the Accommodation Contract and Hall Regulations. The Hall Regulations set out rules and a code of conduct for yourself and those living around you.

Many of these regulations are common sense but it is important to read and understand them so that you, and any visitors you may have are aware of what is expected of you whilst staying in halls.

Details of your accommodation contract, including start and end dates can be accessed by logging into your accommodation account.

Halls regulations

The hall regulations as outlined in your contract establish rules and a code of conduct for yourself and those living around you. It also includes what you can expect from Residential Services while in halls. Download the halls regulations here:

Paying your halls fees

Halls fees are paid in instalments throughout the year. This is usually three instalments, in October, January and April. 51 week contracts have 4 instalment dates, with the additional instalment due in July. For the exact amounts due, please log on to your accommodation account.

Hall fees are paid by Recurring Card Payment (RCP), which you would have set up when accepting your offer. If you need to update your card details at any point during the year, you will be able to do so via our online update facility. If you have any questions regarding updating your card details, please contact Student Services Hub by phoning +44(0)23 8059 9599.

If you have any queries about paying your halls fees, please contact

Ending your contract

Your halls contract is a legally binding contract with the University to take up residence until a certain date, therefore you are expected to pay for your accommodation until the end of your agreed contract period.

If you are withdrawing or suspending from study at the University we will release you from your contract. Please note that there is a 28 day notice period from when you inform us that you are planning to leave halls.

If you are not withdrawing or suspending from study, but think you have exceptional circumstances to request an early release from your contract, you may submit a request for early release by emailing Please note that an early release request is not guaranteed and it is strongly recommended that you do not sign any other contract for accommodation without having received written confirmation that you will be released from your halls of residence contract. Failure to do so may mean you are financially liable for two accommodation contracts.

Is early release what you require? If you think that a different room would be more suitable, please click here.



While the majority of residents are very happy in their accommodation, we understand that there may be some residents who wish to move rooms if possible. In this situation we advise that all students moving into halls allow for a settling in period before asking to change rooms, as often a high percentage of students resolve any initial concerns or issues they may have and wish to stay where they are. Further information on the room moves and room swaps process can be found below.

I am unhappy with my accommodation, can I move to a new room?

  • If you are really unhappy in your new home in halls or are having difficulty settling into your new surroundings, please contact and engage with the Student Life team either by email, in person by visiting your halls reception or by telephone +44 (0)23 80599 599.
  • Urgent room moves, as advised by a University support service will be treated as absolute priority.
  • All residents are entitled to request to move rooms, though applications for room moves will only be taken into consideration if supported by a relevant University support service, such as the Student Life team, Enabling Services or First Support. These will be taken into account on an individual case by case basis, usually accepted on strong wellbeing or financial reasons.
  • You may not change, move or swap rooms without the agreement and authorisation of Residences. Those who move or swap rooms without prior consent will face disciplinary action.
  • For a situation where the Student Life team (or alternative support service) do not feel there is a strong reason for a move, but where it is considered a change of room may still be of benefit, then either a room swap or referral to our room transfer application form will be recommended (see below).

My request to move rooms has not been supported, what can I do?

  • Please email to inform Residential Services that you would like to move rooms and the reason why. Residential Services will then review your request and contact you by email. 

What are the time scales for room moves and room swaps?

  • Students in 'Twinned' accommodation, sharing a room on a temporary basis, take priority and the majority of moves will commence as soon as suitable rooms become available. 
  • Supported room moves (excluding urgent room moves, as advised by a University support service) start from October. Students who are recommended for supported room moves will be contacted by Residential Services once a suitable room becomes available. Please note that we will always offer you the most suitable room available, and if you reject the room offered to you, your supported room move will be delayed. 
  • Non-urgent room moves are available from mid-October. You can only move rooms once you have had approval from Residential Services. 

The University of Southampton is signed up to and fully supports the Accommodation Code of Practice, which we recommend you read before taking up a place in Halls. We are committed to providing a safe, comfortable living environment, which will help support you in leading a successful, and enjoyable, student life.

What does the Code include and how does the Code affect my experience in halls?

A healthy and safe environment:

  • We conduct a range of flat meetings throughout the year in order to promote a healthy, and safe, living environment to include welcome talks at the start of the year.
  • Planned maintenance in halls takes place throughout the year in order to meet our health and safety obligations.

Timely repairs and maintenance:

  • Urgent repairs can be reported to our reception teams, or via telephone, 24 hours a day.
  • Non-urgent repairs can be reported on our maintenance system, Planon, which keeps you updated on the progress of your request.
  • For all planned maintenance, we always endeavour to give you seven days’ notice if access to your room is required.

A clean, pleasant living environment:

  • We encourage a sense of community, using a range of resources in halls.
  • We have a dedicated cleaning team in halls that clean communal areas throughout the year.

A formal, contractual relationship with your landlord:

  • We advise that students read their contract before accepting an accommodation offer, via their online accommodation account, as this is a legally binding agreement.
  • Available for reference on our website all year round, the contract and Halls Regulations detail what we, as landlords, provide, and what is expected from you as a resident.

Access to health and wellbeing services:

  • The Residences team can be contacted 24 hours a day to offer assistance, or to signpost you to the appropriate service within Student Services or externally.
  • We provide you with information about registering with a doctor when you arrive.

A living environment free from anti-social behaviour:

  • We run a number of campaigns through the Student Union to encourage a sense of community for residents and our neighbours.
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