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Right to Study

All students must enrol before they can officially join the University. Further information on enrolment is available on the Enrolment page.

Students who are not British citizens or Irish nationals will be provisionally enrolled until a Right to Study check has been completed. 

You will also need to complete a Right to Study check if you have a new visa to complete your course, are returning after a period of suspension, or you are returning after having repeated your studies externally.


Upload your Documents

The University is required to keep a copy of your current passport or travel document and your current immigration permission and before you begin studying you will need to complete a 'right to study check'. 

You will need to upload your documents and if you have a Student visa you will also need to attend an in-person appointment.

Upload clear colour copies of your passport and immigration status: 

  1. Log into Banner, our student record system with your university IT account details
  2. Click ‘View action items’ 
  3. Follow the instructions for ‘Right to Study Check’
  4. Upload your passport or travel document photo page to Stage 1
  5. Upload your immigration documents to Stage 2 - the documents you need to provide depend on your circumstances

If you are having trouble uploading your documents, please send clear, colour copies of your documents that meet the below format to . 

Before uploading your documents please check

You can see our Right to Study Check Document Example Guide for further information.

Explanation of Upload Review Status if you want to check on the status of your upload:

Additional information for students with a Student visa :

Those with a Student visa must attend an in-person appointment to complete your Right to Study check.

You can collect your Dependant's BRP card(s) as part of your right to study check. When booking, please let us know their full names. Please ensure you also bring their passports and note that your dependants do not need to attend the right to study check.

Contact Us

Contact Us

You can contact us by email and through online chat. We also offer online 1 to 1 appointments.


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