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The University of Southampton
Transition Project

Our approach

We work in partnership with Faculties and Professional Services to enhance existing provision and embed practice in a sustainable way. Project funding is available to set up pilots in their first year as well as support from our Project Team.

Eric Cooke, Senior Tutor ECS

“Many years of supporting international students have shown me that those who use the support offered will build a successful and happy time here. Taking part in the "Settling In" workshops run by the Transition Project has given me the opportunity to raise awareness of the support available in the University and give more confidence to students in accessing these resources and using their abilities to make a successful transition.

Eric Cooke, Senior Tutor ECS.

“The Transition Project has been working closely with SUSU to improve the support available to international students while they are adjusting to a new culture and learning style. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Project this year and have some great memories of the achievements we have made together. I hope that the Transition Project work involving the Union continues, we have been really grateful to be a big part of your work.”

Emily Rees, Students' Union VP Welfare 2010-11.

"I think that the Management Peer Advisors set up with the support of the Transition  Project offer a steady ground when you arrive in a completely new environment with a new culture, new people and new rules. Especially for the postgraduate students, for whom the year will be very intensive and thus need to adjust and find their rhythm as soon as possible, they are a great help. Because the peer advisors have gone through the same process as we have, they have all the essential answers available. Furthermore, they were students like we are now, so there is a very low threshold asking them for help or advice, as compared to members of staff. Not only for academic-related questions, but also for questions such as what to organise for a social, what are good place to check out, etc. They simply help you on your way discovering Southampton and the UK."

Peter Brill, Management PGT President 2010-11

Emily Rees, SUSU VP Welfare 2010-11
Peter Brill, Management PGT President 2010-11
Peter Brill, Mang PGT President '10
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