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Transition Project


It is very important that during the International Welcome Week and/or week 0 (Freshers Week) Masters students are given the opportunity to informally meet students on their programme and are introduced to dedicated study areas where they will be working with their peers. Having a dedicated space helps them develop a sense of identity. This could be any space in the Faculty/Academic Unit with seating, tables and a dedicated poster board.

At induction stage it is important to engage with students in activities that can help them understand what is expected of them in terms of academic skills and workload and what support they can expect from the University.

It is also very important to clarify the role of the personal tutor and to clarify why students might want to see their personal tutor. An introductory meeting with the personal tutor during induction week and  a follow up meeting a couple of weeks into the first semester  can  help students familiarise themselves with this support system and build a rapport with their tutor.

Students should not be overloaded with information during induction, as their  first priority is to settle in and adapt to a new environment. Most of the themes and activities proposed as part of induction should be revisited throughout the first semester at a deeper level. Ideally the induction programme should be extended throughout  the first semester helping students to develop the necessary skills in parallel with their core programme.

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