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The University of Southampton
Transition Project

Prearrival support

Prearrival resources available in the University cater for the needs of undergraduate and Masters students alike. They focus on acculturation, broader University procedures and approach to learning. They include:

From the student feedback collected by the Project so far, Masters students seem to be increasingly interested in receiving specific prearrival information on their programmes of study. Students want to know before they arrive:

Although sometimes we may not have clear answers to these questions it is beneficial for degree subjects to provide resources that can help students manage their expectations, give directions on which areas to work on during the prearrival period and in general make students feel better prepared.



Masters Student

International students

Looking for International Student specific resources?

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I think the University can have a few slides or material on the website when the student have signed in for the course so that when they come to university they have a basic idea of the subject

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