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Management PGT Peer Advisors News

Published: 2 November 2011

The Management PGT Peer Advisors Bahader Iqbal and Nora Zhang, both Management Masters students from 2010-11, have been in touch to update the Transition to Living and Learning Project on their activities so far.

Similarly to the Engineering and the Environment Peer Advisors, the purpose of the Management PGT Peer Advisors is to welcome the new Masters Students in the Management School and help them settle in their social and academic life at University.

Their first social event in the Management School was a tea and coffee meeting during Freshers’ Week where they introduced themselves to the new MSc cohort of students. The new students had the opportunity to meet their peers and to get to know how they could join the Facebook page set up by the Peer Advisors for informal communication. Over 252 students have joined the Facebook page since then, about 40% of the Masters cohort and over 30 news feed stories have been posted by the Peer Advisors.

From the very beginning the Management Peer Advisors have been involved in the Management Masters induction programme to further rise awareness of their role and how they can be accessed by students. In week one they have organised an “Icebreaker session”, where they have collected direct feedback from the students on the social and academic challenges that they are facing. This was followed by an “Integration Session” in week two where they gave a presentation on important social and academic aspects of University life. The presentation was informed by the feedback collected in the “Icebreaker session” and the Peer Advisors personal experience. Due to high student take-up the session had to be offered twice, in total around 200 Management students attended.

For more information on the Management PGT Peer Advisors contact Sarah Rogers.

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