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Student Voice

Halls of Residences

University halls provide you with a safe and comfortable home-away-from-home that is excellent value for money in ideally located close to campuses and facilities.

Your time in halls is a big part of your overall student experience and, because of this, we will do all that we can to ensure we action student feedback where possible.

Find out some examples of recent changes made to your halls of residences following feedback.

Students sitting on bench in Glen Eyre halls
We installed extra benches due to student feedback.
Students in common room at halls
We recently refurbished a number of common rooms.

You said: We need more outdoor facilities so we can socialise with friends outside.

We did: We installed BBQ pits and new benches last summer.

You said: The common room spaces in some halls could do with a refresh.

We did: We refurbished some of our more outdated common rooms across a range of residences.

You said: We need a space to practise and rehearse music.

We did: We opened a brand new music room at Glen Eyre so students have a specific space to practise.

You said: Snooker tables need to be reclothed at my halls.

We did: We have now reclothed snooker tables at several sites.

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