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Updating the curriculum based on student feedback

Published: 23 December 2015

You Said: Last year, we ran two student focus groups as part of C15 activity and used their feedback to influence the curriculum.

We Did: We have updated the whole student body about the changes we made to the curriculum as a result of their feedback – and we went through the new curriculum with students to point out the changes.  Some of these specific changes include: 

  • We moved the safe and compassion care module from year 2 to year 1, and emergency  practice module from year 3 to year 2, to support student preparation for practice.
  • We  provided a professional development module with more options so students can negotiate and have some say in their learning in year 2 (e.g. CIP module, elective, Work with researcher /appropriate  practitioner or similar activity).
  • We have added more seminars  to the modules  which used blended learning strategies.

three student nurses talking

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