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Large anechoic chamber

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About the Large anechoic chamber

The large anechoic chamber forms just one part of the Rayleigh laboratories based in our Institute for Sound and Vibration Research. It is one of the largest in any UK university, and can be used to take measurements of particular objects that produce sound, without this sound being corrupted by the echoes you would get in a normal room.

We've achieved this by acoustically isolating the room from the rest of the building, making it an ideal environment for tests such as the measurement of the sound power of a machine, or microphone and loudspeaker frequency responses. The chamber can also be used for aerodynamic testing, with the use of a silent wind tunnel.

In addition to its uses in enterprise and research, the chamber is available to acoustics students completing projects that require an anechoic environment to test their own designs, such as loudspeakers.

Subjects using this facility

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