Postgraduate research project

Novel metamaterials

Fully funded (UK and international)
Type of degree
Doctor of Philosophy
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Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
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About the project

This project will investigate the production and properties of a new class of optical metamaterials which are nanostructured on the 2 to 100 nm range by a versatile bottom-up approach utilising self-assembled lyotropic liquid crystal phases of lipids and surfactants for templating.

This class of materials include embodiments in which the nanostructures are fully three dimensional including one which is like interpenetrating chain link fences with “links” only a few nanometers across. 

The well-defined nanostructure present in these materials will lead to entirely new properties and thus they will be true metamaterials in which 40% of all the atoms are at or near a surface, i.e. an engineered metamaterial almost entirely composed of surface atoms.

Examples of the properties include light-plasmon non-linearities and in particular the possibility of grating coupling to surface plasmon polaritons using a photoinduced grating, modification of light emission from emitters embedded in the dielectric portion of the materials including the enhancement of dipole forbidden transitions, and massive enhancement of optical non-linearities such as e.g. Raman scattering as well as a negative refractive index. The range of potential applications is vast ranging from metamaterial cloaking materials, nanolasers to high speed optical computing.

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