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Intech Report

Published: 10 July 2012

Last month we were at Intech to showcase some of the research that the SuperIdentity project is conducting.

Sarah and Greg play with some Wiis
Our stand at Intech

The SuperIdentity stall was based around exploring how people make choices about avatars using the Nintendo Wii.  The Wii allows you to make an electronic avatar of yourself, called a Mii.  We took two Wiis at Intech on which we invited people to make Miis whilst telling us how they made their deicions about what to include and what not to include.  Some people even made Miis of themselves and their partners, prompting interesting conversations about how differently others see us compared to how we see ourselves.  Wiis make a great tool for this sort of research as they are easy and fun to use.

Sarah as a Mii
Dr Sarah Stevenage as a Mii!

The Intech centre is dedicated to making science fun and accesable.  They have a variety of permanent exhibits as well as the largest capacity digital planterium in the UK!  They hold such adults-only events on a monthly basis, a must-see for anyone interested in science.  Adult only themes run from "bodies" to "things that go bang".  And of course attendees are allowed free run of the centre to use all the exhibits.  Follow the link on the left hand side to find out more.

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