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SuperIdentity Project releases their first annual report

Published: 29 October 2012

We are now 1 year into the SuperIdentity project, and we've already made a great deal of progress.

The last 12 months have certainly been busy for the SuperIdentity project.  We have run many experiments about individual measures of identity, which have revealed that context is highly important in any identity decision, be that who is doing the recognising (expert versus novice?), the conditions of recognition (optimal versus poor) or the measure being recognised (stable measures versus changeable).  Personality can play a roll as well, with some people prefering to exagerate themselves in an online space more than others. 

We have also made progress with a model to underpin a more sophisiticated identity decision than has previously been possible.  The SuperIdentity model weaves many different measures of identity together across offline and online spaces, in order to provide a well informed decision, complete with how much confidence each link should be treated with.  Nine months of planning is also coming to an end as we prepare to recruit 100 people from whom we will collect a variety of identity measures, in order to investigate possible links between them (for instance, can we predict how someone will walk from their shoe size?).

Finally, we have engaged with possible users of the SuperIdentity model in a series of interviews, both in the US and the UK.  These have been enlightening as to how the SuperIdentity model might see use in the field, and will help to prioritise our efforts in the second year of the project.

To see the full report, click on the link at the bottom of this page, or go to our reports section.

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