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The University of Southampton

SuperIdentity Stimulus Database collection now complete

Published: 28 January 2013

Researchers from the SuperIdentity project have now completed their multi-modal stimuli collection. This database represents the culmination of nine months of planning.

A multi-disciplinary team of researchers has now completed data collection of a new multi-modal database.  The database contains pictures of participant's faces from many different angles, iris photographs, hand photographs, signature samples, fingerprints, gait videos, talking head videos, mobile swipe pattern data, keystroke pattern data and a battery of personality questionnaires.  This represents a huge depth of information about each participant in the database.  The data-collection and preparation involved researchers from Southampton, Dundee, Kent, Oxford, Leicester and Bath. 

This database will be made available to researchers after a pre-processing stage - check back here regularly for news of when this occurs.

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