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Professor Dana? Stanton Fraser

Professor Danaë Stanton Fraser

Professor Danaë Stanton Fraser works as a psychologist in the area of human computer interaction, with a focus on the design and evaluation of mobile and pervasive technologies. Her recent work has involved the recruitment of a cohort of members of the public in order to explore trust relationships in the design of mobile applications. This innovative methodology could be used to move away from an individual view of identity and understand how to capture and exploit ‘identity networks’ that could make identification reliant on routines and communities, both virtual and real. The developed methodologies could also be useful in exploring attitudes on new forms of passport, identity verification techniques and other means of bounded identity tokens.

In the recent ‘Cityware’ project Danaë studied socio-technical influences on public trust in pervasive systems. The project focused on Bluetooth naming in relation to identity and how people use technology to broadcast information about themselves. 'Cityware' also used a provocative installation to reveal people’s mobile data back to them, initiating feedback on what people were willing and unwilling to share, and exploring ethical and legal issues around collecting such data. Danaë has also carried out projects looking at the changing nature of children’s identity, exploring how they can broadcast data about themselves, and requiring a sensitive ethical balance between anonymity and effective collaboration.

Her extensive experience of pervasive computing and public acceptability of technology will contribute to the content to the SuperIdentity framework and to making sure the outputs of the project are acceptable to the public.

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