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Dr Hongmei He

Dr Hongmei He

Dr. Hongmei He is a Research Fellow in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts at the University of Kent.  Before joining the SuperIdentity project, she worked on Cognitive Robotics in the University of Ulster in 2011 and also worked on Information Fusion and Bisociate Networks at the University of Bristol for more than four years.  She received a PhD in Computer Science and an MSc in Multimedia and Internet Computing from Loughborough University in 2006 and 2003, respectively.  Her research involves interdisciplinary computing with a focus on Computational Intelligence.  She has a wide range of research interests, including Pattern Recognition, Data Fusion, Optimization, Cognitive Robotics, and Complex Networks, and has published 29 papers in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about Hongmei and her research, click on the link below to go to Hongmei's homepage.

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