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Dr Sarah Stevenage

Dr Sarah Stevenage

Dr Sarah Stevenage is a cognitive psychologist at the Univeristy of Southampton, specialising in forensic psychology. She completed her degree, and later a PhD, at Exeter University under the supervision of Dr Ian Gordon. The PhD focused on face perception and this has remained her main area of focus. In September 1993 she came to the University of Southampton where she has fulfilled several roles notably Examinations Officer, Director of Postgraduate Research, Deputy Head of School for Education and, more recently, Acting Head of Psychology.

As the project lead, Sarah is responsible for coordinating all of the project activity. In addition to this her years of experience in forensic psychology are invaluable for guiding work on physical biometrics.

Other than the SuperIdentity Project, Sarah maintains an active research portfolio. Her interest in face perception is currently focused on the influence of race and familiarity on recognising previously seen faces. In addition, she has recently become involved in the examination of other means for identifying people. Gait perception has emerged as a promising avenue, and a multi-disciplinary team of computer scientists and psychologists at the University of Southampton are trying to model the processes involved. Much more recently, she has become interested in the under-researched area of voice recognition with the guiding principle that some processes must link with face recognition to inform us that we are processing a single individual.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about Sarah and her research, click on the link below to go to her homepage.

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