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The University of Southampton

Learn how you can help

Our students and staff work together throughout the year to deliver high-impact sustainability initiatives, such as our Waste Wars and BioBlitz events. There's an annual Sustainability Fortnight, with plenty of activity to get involved with, such as beach cleans, biodiversity activities and talks from local experts and our University staff. To find out more about what’s coming up, it’s best to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and to check the SUSU website also.

Our campuses are living labs, and wherever possible we will also support students and colleagues who want to launch their own projects.

If you'd like to learn more about sustainability, why sustainability is at the heart of the University Strategy and what this means for us both individually and collectively, access the Southampton Sustainability Solutions training module, available on Sharepoint for all staff and students. You can either complete the course in one go, or choose to spread it out over a time that suits you. We're happy that this course is now part of all staff inductions too. You'll meet the sustainability team, key players across the University and you'll come away with a great understanding of sustainability and why it matters.

Throughout this site you will find information about how we are improving sustainability at the University and how you can help, but we welcome your ideas on what else we can do. Just send us an email. You can also feed information through to the SUSU Union President and SUSU Sustainability Officer, who act as student representation on several University committees. 

Other groups and societies

Across the University, a huge number of groups and societies are working to improve sustainability in a wide range of ways - some at the University, some in our local community and some internationally.

Here's a link to the SUSU societies page where you can contact directly if you’d like to find out more.

SUSU societies page

Introduction to LEAF

The Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) has been developed by UCL to help Lab managers, technical staff, academics, and students address environmental sustainability issues in the labs that they work in. LEAF is a tool to help those working in laboratories change their practice to improve efficiency and sustainability.

You can get your laboratory involved too by clicking on the image below to find more information.

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