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The University of Southampton

Learn how you can help

Our students and staff work together to deliver innovative sustainability initiatives that reduce our environmental impact, including our annual Waste Wars and BioBlitz events.

Our campuses are living labs, and wherever possible we support students who want to launch their own research projects or sustainability initiatives.

You can learn more about the University’s sustainability through our e-learning module and to find out more about what’s coming up, like our page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on the SUSSED home page.


7 ways you can support sustainability:

Switch off – turn off lights, computers, monitors, chargers and other equipment when you’re not using them.

Recycle – you’ll find two types of bin on campus – one for food, which is composted, and one for everything else; the recyclable items in this waste are sorted off site (as long as there’s no food or liquid in the bin). If it can be re-used post it on the University’s Warp-It system. Check out our Waste & Recycling A-Z for everything else.

Travel responsibly – walk, cycle or use our award-winning Unilink bus service to get to campus and around the city. Do you really need to travel for business – can you have a video conference or conference call instead? If not public transport’s the best option.

Buy responsibly – think about where things are coming from, whether you really need them and whether they can be recycled or re-used when you’re finished with them. Buy local and Fair Trade, and donate unwanted items to charity.

Report problems – leaking taps, windows not closing, automatic lighting staying on – contact the Estates and Facilities Helpdesk to get it fixed.

Think before you print – what are you going to do with it after you’ve printed it, file it, recycle it? Agendas & minutes can be displayed on screens. If you do need to print make sure it’s double sided and try printing 2 pages per sheet.

Relax – finally, when you need a break from your work and studies, make the most of our green spaces here at the University, including the Valley Gardens behind the sports hall at Highfield Campus.

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