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SSS UN Day Blog- Dr Ke Zhang

Published: 22 October 2012
Dr Ke Zhang

This is the latest blog in our series of speaker and project bios for the Sustainability Science at Southampton UN World Development Information Day Seminar (24 October, 2012)

Blog Speaker profile- SSS UN World Development & Information Day

Dr Ke Zhang

Project title: Poverty and ecology: developing a new evolutionary approach

1. Tell us a bit about you and your project team:

I am now working as a postdoc research fellow in School of Geography. We have a very diverse and multidisciplinary research team from 5 different institutions from China and UK, including Southampton University, Dundee University, Durham University, East China Normal University and Nanjing Institute of Geography & Limnology, Chinese Academic of Science.

2. Tell us a bit about your project:

Our project aims to develop a novel evolutionary framework for the study of ecosystem services and their pathways to delivery by extending the timescales and ranges of ecosystem services through regional integration of palaeoenvironmental and multi-decadal social-economic records.

3. Describe the impact of your project in terms of providing solutions to global development challenges:

Our research will expand the capacity to address fundamental questions about complex social-ecological systems while evaluating assumptions of policies and practices intended to advance human well-being.


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