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The University of Southampton
Sustainability Science

Research Themes

SSS is structured around a number of core themes that reflect excellence in research across the University, including:

1. Development and ecosystem services

Our Development and Ecosystem Services research focuses on the interdisciplinary science that underpins sustainable development within the context of strong and sustainable ecosystem services, the benefits people gain from the natural environment.

2. Complex social-ecological systems

Our Complex social-ecological systems research engages in research that can provide insight and understanding of complex social-ecological systems in order to improve the scientific basis for sustainable development.

3. Biodiversity and ecosystem services

At the University of Southampton, research on these linkages between ecosystem services and biodiversity is led by the Institute of Life Sciences (IfLS), and researchers in Sustainability Science.

4. Adapting to climate change

Our Adapting to climate change research provides insight into all aspects of adaptation to climate change at multiple scales, from individual species and system components, to aggregations in ecological or social communities or nation states. The aim is to better understand: i) what drives adaptation to climate change in human and non-human groups and systems; ii) what blocks or prevents adaptation to climate change; and iii) what is successful adaptation?

5. Wider Sustainability Projects

A list of wider sustainability science related research projects carried out across the University of Southampton and by SSS members.

World Water Day 2013
Video: Dr Kate Schreckenberg ESPA ASSETS Project Lecture (World Water Day 2013)
World Water Day 2013
Video: Dr Craig Hutton ESPA Deltas Project Lecture (World Water Day 2013)
Northern Madagascar
Sapphire Mine

Everyone in the world depends on nature and ecosystem services to provide the conditions for a decent, healthy, and secure life.

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