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The University of Southampton
Sustainability Action

2014 Staff Team Award

Read more about the winner and runner up of the 2014 Sustainability Action Award for a Staff Team.

NETSCC receiving their award
NETSCC receiving their award

Winner: NETSCC Cycling Promotion Team

Team members: Jenny Dodds, Richard Larkin, Amy Street, Kathy Tier, Gill Warner.

Cycle to Work Day was Thursday 12th September 2013! A small team at NETSC worked together to encourage as many people as possible to cycle to work at the Science Park, Chilworth. 

The team arranged for a number of exhibitors to support the event, such as Sustains and the local bike shops. 81 people who work at the Science Park registered on the day, including cyclists in the morning and attendees at the lunchtime event. 

The team plan to expand the event next year, working with members Southampton CTC and the University Sustainability Action programme to reach more regular and prospective cyclists. 


Runner up: University Procurement Team

Team members: Mary White, Andy Gannon, Ann Caws, John Davidson, Inez Scudder, Suzanne Carlisle, Karen Eastaff, Sarah George.

The tem is actively involved with promoting the University's approach to sustainable buying. A number of projects and process development have been developed and implemented in the everyday procurement process to ensure that sustainability is a key consideration in every purchase. As a result, the team is now achieving Level 3 of the Flexible Framework (FF), a key component of the recent EcoCampus Gold audit. 

The new Procurement Strategy Document ensures sustainability risks are identified at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure that they are addressed through the tender process. Furthermore, the increased emphasis on sustainability in all procurement exercises and supplier review meetings have meant that the University's suppliers are actively pursuing sustainability improvements in their own processes.

The Team is looking to improve the analysis of the sustainability risks down the supply chain and engage with local businesses to encourage suppliers to engage with local businesses to encourage suppliers to engage with the University in a positive and more imaginative way on sustainability issues.

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