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The University of Southampton
Sustainability Action

Previous winners


The annual Sustainability Action Awards are presented each March at a ceremony attended by staff and students from the University and the Union involved in sustainability at Southampton. The awards are presented by members of the University's and Students' Union's leadership teams, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and achieving this through partnership working. The awards are on display in the Hartley Library on Highfield Campus.


Details of the previous winners below.


2015 Award Winners and Runners Up

Individual Student

Winner: Sarah Muskett

Sarah spent summer 2014 empowering 22 churches in the South of England to embed sustainability into church life as a major community organisation already set up to 'Think Global, Act Local'. Read more.

Runner up: Maxime Jullian

Feeling under-challenged by his work as an internship for Water Resources Management at Green Zhejiang in Hangzhou, China, he designed and developed an environmental campaign called ‘Blue Spring 2014’ to improve the water quality of local rivers. Read more.


Individual Staff

Winner: James Leeming

As University Catering Manager, James identified and delivered on opportunities to reduce the energy costs of vending machines on campus, saving money and the associated carbon emissions. Read more.

Runner up: James Wilson

James provides innovative healthcare-related teaching experiences using innovative and interactive theatrical techniques, providing students voice, choice and control to influence what is seen in the pray. Read more.

Student Team

Joint winners: SanEco and Right Light

SanEco is a social enterprise project providing better access to clean sanitation and hygiene to over 6,000 men, women and children in 2 regions of Kenya.

Right Light provides a more sustainable source of fuel to rural communities in Kenya, providing a better source of income, improving health, and children's access to education. 

Read more about both projects.

Runner up: NOCS Eco Schools Programme

This 100% volunteer-led programme was set up in 2012 in to improve the National Oceanography Centre's links with its local schools by offering free day visits to the centre to local school children. Read more.


Staff Team

Winner: Joulo Project

Joulo created a low-cost device to provide people with better understanding of the home heating and advice on how to reduce energy costs, with project rolled out to over 2,000 households, and across the Highfield campus. Read more.

Runner up: University Social Innovation Lab

The Social Innovation Lab provides a hub for social innovation and entrepreneurship at the university, recognising that the university should be a community anchor in Southampton. Read more.


Student-Staff Partnership Team

Winner: Try before you buy

'Try before you buy' created an exemplar sustainable synthetic chemistry research laboratory to trial new equipment, include sustainability into the curriculum and empower colleagues to try new approaches to their area of research. Read more.

Runner up: UniCycle

The UniCycle project focuses on restoring old and abandoned bicycles left on the university campus, to then be sold back to other members of the university at a very reasonable price.

2014 Award Winners and Runners up

Individual Student

Winner: Oliver Robinson

Hampshire Scout Expeditions: developed personal skills to look after a group of 14-18 year olds and helping a local community project in Nepal. Read more.

Runner up: Gisela Cebrian Bernat

PhD in 'Education for Sustainability': developed a model on how to embed sustainability in University teaching and learning. Read more.


Individual Staff

Winner: Dr Tony Curran

Sustainability gameshow: engaging people in a fun, interactive way with sustainability and how to reduce their carbon footprints. Read more. 

Runner up: Mihaela Zhekova

Sustainable clothing: sustainable fashion design used to raise funds for charities. Read more.


Student Team 

Winner: Cameroon Catalyst - Building for change

Implemented practical and sustainable improvements to improve the quality of life of the villagers of Bambouti, and now expanding to other villages in the country. Read more.

Runners up: Green Label Project

Development of the Label to inform students and staff about the sustainability credentials of the food and drink sold on campus. Read more.


Staff Team 

Winners: NETSCC - Cycling Promotion Team

Group of staff volunteering together to organise a cycling-to-work campaign, encouraging people to cycle to Chilworth Science Park. Read more.

Runners Up: University Procurement Team

Embedding sustainability principles into University procurement processes to take account of the environmental and social impact of goods and services. Read more.


Student-Staff Partnership Team

Winners: SUSU Sustainability Strategy Zone 

Implementation of a new zone to bring together students who are passionate about the range of areas contributing to a more sustainable student life: the environment, ethics, employability and equality. Read more.

Runners Up: Waste Wars Team

Managing the annual waste audit to provide invaluable information on the University's waste strategy and skills to students. Read more.


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