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Sustainability Action

A workshop for you

Sustainability Action offers bespoke interactive workshops exploring what sustainability means for you and your team.

"I pledge to ensure that SUSTAINABILITY is at the heart of SUSU. A value, a zone, in everything we do"
SUSU President gets involved

We run workshops to help people and teams to develop their understanding of sustainability, why it is important to the University and how their newly formed sustainability skills can further their role. In a way that is directly relevant to you and your work, the sustainability workshops offer a chance to explore sustainability further and gain a greater understanding of its importance. The workshops highlight our responsibility as global citizens and explores our opportunities to combat some of the world's most critical issues, in our own lives and working environments.  If you're interested in participating in a workshop, or knowing more about what we can offer for you and your team please get in touch.   Example: Annual workshop with SUSU Sabbatical Officers

"We pledge to be even more sustainable"
Sabbatical Officers pledge together

With a newly elected team of Sabbatical Officers each year, it is important to ensure that the leaders of our Student Union are up-to-date when it comes to sustainability and the global issues that surround it. Each year, students working with the Sustainability Action Programme hold a workshop with the new Sabbatical Officers exploring why sustainability is directly relevant to them in their personal and professional lives, both individually and as a team. The Officers work together to discuss their own plans for the year and how they can both promote sustainability and further incorporate it into their activities.

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