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The University of Southampton
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From Space station to clinic: complex neurological remote care Event

16:00 - 17:00
29 October 2013
Building 13 Room 3017

For more information regarding this event, please email Natasha Webb at .

Event details

The aims of the presentation are to highlight technology translation and the synergy between the remote care requirements for long duration space exploration and community/rural based medicine.

In particular, the requirement to diagnose and manage complex cases remotely and the need to empower on-site medically trained personnel to undertake the physiological measurements and decision-making. The common aim is to reduce the need for hospitalisation -- in both cases the issues are logistics, convenience and cost. With long duration space travel, these become major issues if the crewmember needs to be returned to earth. For space exploration at greater distances, the telemedicine system requires added sophistication to support autonomous crew medical diagnosis and interventions1.

More information available here.

1. Williams DR, Bashshur RL, Pool SL, Doran CR, Merrell RC, Logan JS. A strategic vision for telemedicine and medical informatics in space flight. Telemedicine J and e-Health 2000; 6: 441-448.

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